Professional, Local & Central Service

Over their long careers our counsellors have helped thousands of people from all walks of life , many who have had to deal with painful and complex issues and all had struggled with the everyday difficulties both large and small which life tends to throw at all of us.

There are no issues too big or overwhelming for us to help you deal with, nor will any of your problems or worries be deemed too insignificant.

Our aim as therapists, is. at the very least to ensure that as you engage in counselling you begin to become a more contented, confident person in dealing with your life.

Your counsellor will work with you so you become stronger emotionally as an individual. So that you can cope with life in healthier ways, working toward satisfaction and happiness in intimate and family relationships.

Your counsellor will help you regain the inner strength to deal with the outside world and life in general without constant fear and anxiety. She will be supportive and encouraging, helping you to find positive ways to help yourself.

However there are also times when we all need an advocate, someone to enable us to stand up for ourselves, if necessary, if you wish us to, we may also be able fulfill that role.

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