About Us

We are a private counselling practice working in the heart of Belfast Cathedral Quarter, conveniently situated whether you are driving or arriving by public transport.

City Centre Counselling is both new and unique in that we are two counsellors who have worked full-time, professionally for over twenty-five years together in counselling and advocacy work.

Up until now our counsellors could only be accessed by those affected by very specific, traumatic issues and was not available to the general public.

At City Centre Counselling you can be assured that your counsellor will have had many years of experience and the advantage of working with other professional counsellors on a daily basis. Your rights and your confidentiality are paramount to us, the everyday working lives of both of our counsellors are testimony to this.

In our daily work over 25 years both Eileen Calder and Eileen Kelly have provided counselling and advocacy services for thousands of people, from a wide range of backgrounds, facing multiple complex problems as well as the everyday stresses and life issues we all face. We are trusted by countless clients and by those who have referred clients to us through the organisation we worked for, Doctors, Social Workers, Clergy, Teachers, Community Workers, Police and even Consultant Psychiatrists.

The counselling we offer is client-centred, supportive and non-judgemental. We see you, the client, as the expert on your situation and your feelings. Your counsellor will be there to help you deal with your emotions in ways that are not damaging to you or to others. She will endeavour to work with you to find the strength and confidence which you may feel you have lost or have never possessed to deal with the myriad of problems you may face in your life. You will be treated with dignity and respect. We will treat you as we would wish to ourselves or our significant others to be treated.  We will not avoid the difficult issues, your counsellor will help you to face them.

Regardless of the issues you are facing, we are confident that your counsellor will help you improve your life, make positive choices and move toward personal growth and contentment.

Having years of experience in advocacy work we can also help you to find the right people or organisations to help you with practical problems you may be dealing with in your life. Although we encourage self-reliance, there are times when all of us have to deal with unfamiliar authorities, people in positions of power or legal or health systems which seem to hinder and not help us. It is in these situations we can be by your side or make calls/help you write letters or do so on your behalf. We know of no other private counsellors who are also experienced as advocates, or who offer a complimentary advocacy service to their clients at no extra charge.

Counselling is not a magic wand, your counsellor cannot make your painful feelings or problems disappear immediately, in fact, especially at the start counselling can be painful, difficult and challenging, but we know that our clients emerge as stronger, more confident and content people.

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