Counselling Issues

Our counsellors are experienced in dealing with the following life situations and issues for which people tend to seek therapy.

* Relationship problems, infidelity and betrayal.
* Divorce, family break-up, residency and child access.
* Family and parenting issues.
* Sexuality and Coming Out.
* Interpersonal violence in relationships.
* Sexual assault, rape, child sexual abuse, physical emotional and psychological abuse.
* Coping with bereavement.
* Education & work difficulties, life purpose questioning, existential and spiritual concerns.
* Problems dealing with the legal and judicial system.
* Dealing with illness, aging, menopause and empty nest syndrome.
* Negative post conflict feelings and unresolved trauma, anger or guilt for those affected by “The Troubles”.

Symptoms may be general
* Dissatisfaction with life, unhappiness, no sense of purpose or feelings of hopelessness.

Or more specifically
* Reactive depression, anxiety, stress, panic attacks, eating and sleep disorders, inappropriate self-medication, addiction, self-harm, suicidal feelings or intent.

Your Counsellor Can Help

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